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Madura Fashion & Lifestyle is a global supplier for premium international brands such as S'Oliver, MONOPRIX.

Louis Philippe | Van Heusen | Allen Solly | Peter England

For over a decade now, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle has been at the cutting edge of fashion and innovation, and has sourced fabrics, technology and products globally. The company's product development and quality assurance functions work constantly to provide product innovations to the Indian consumer. The latest finishes, fabrics, fits, technologies and product development in fashion and clothing styles are incorporated into their brand portfolio. Continuous product innovations and value proposition provides the much-needed support in sustaining product leadership. This helps maintain brand equity for best-in-class merchandise in the apparel segment.

Trends, fashion knowledge, technology and process help in product development and innovation, creating and adding significant value to the fibre-to-fashion value chain. The company has developed and successfully launched many breakthrough products in the last decade. Some of the latest product innovations that were the highlights of FW09 / SS10 season are listed below.

Louis Philippe

Silk Route shirt from Louis Philippe: Incorporating an oriental secret that combines the sheen of silk with the breathability of cotton, the Silk Route shirts are tailored from dyed cotton-silk yarn. They offer the soft touch and feel of silk with the comfort of cotton and the convenience of being machine washable.

Crème Collection: Louis Philippe's easy care dress shirts with a silk-protein finish are made from premium fabric woven from the finest single yarn. The yarn is previously treated with special liquid ammonia, and the result is the lustrous, soft-as-silk dress shirts that form the Crème Collection.

Liquid Cotton Shirts: A revolutionary yarn spinning technology and fabric finish developed by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle has made it possible to craft this brand of 100 per cent cotton yarn-dyed shirts which are so sinfully soft and seamless, they literally flow on your body like water. These shirts look and feel like silk, provide the comfort and convenience of cotton, and yet are easy to maintain.

Van Heusen

Eco Story: Van Heusen kicked off the concept of shirts made from 100 per cent organic cotton, grown in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner. Launched as 'Eco Concept' for men, the shirts have a naturally soft feel to them.

Best white formal shirt: Van Heusen's formal white shirt is fully taped for pucker-free seams. Made of 100 per cent wrinkle-free cotton, it not only has the highest whiteness index of 156+ CIE, but also excellent colour retention with the whiteness remaining at the 150+ CIE index even after 25 washes.

Best Non-Iron shirt: Van Heusen's Best Non-Iron shirt is made from 100 per cent two-ply cotton and has a DP rating of 3.8, which gives it superior lustre. It offers the perfect combination of premium fabric and world-class manufacturing set-up. A Premium dress shirt with superior lustre and good craftsmanship, Van Heusen Non-Iron shirt has been a huge hit among consumers.

Dura Press Ultima trousers: Van Heusen's premium two-ply cotton trousers have wrinkle-free treatment, breathability, and moisture management for superior wearing comfort.

Allen Solly

Air Shirts: The Air Shirt is part of the cool summer fashion apparel, crafted specifically to soothe the heat. It has been designed with special light yarn and uses the lightest of buttons and lissom thread work which weighs as low as 163 grams.

Allen Solly Go:
Allen Solly's Go trousers are tailored from a specially-designed premium fabric that combines comfort with functional performance. The fabric has been treated with a special processing technique that gives it colour durability, lustre and sheen, and has been finished by putting it through a unique wrinkle-free process to give wrinkle-resistant characteristics to the finished pair of trousers.

These stretch, wrinkle-free trousers will stay crease-free for 25 hours. 'Go trousers' promise that you can sit down, get up, leap on, dive in, do all the things you need to do, because they can keep up with you without letting the wrinkles catch up.

The custom-engineered fabric (with olefin XLA elastane) is a unique product co-created with partner Dow Fibers. It's a high-density fabric made with xla stretch fibre and a special liquid ammonia finish for lustre, coupled with a superior treatment for making the apparel wrinkle-free. It is the most comfortable chino in the market allowing for ease of body movements.

Non-Iron trousers: These premium two-ply trousers can be worn straight from the wash. A true Non-Iron, wash-and-wear offering in the premium segment, these trousers have been tailored from fabric that has been treated with a special wrinkle-free formulation for DP rating 4.

Best casual shirt: Allen Solly's unique shirt collection marries high colour appeal and durability with the softest touch and feel. Special garment dyeing technology is used to give the shirts a unique touch and colour retention in various shades of indigo, white, and black.

Peter England

: Oxygeans is a sustainable Fashion Innovation from House of Peter England under PE Jeans. Produced using an indigenous innovative washing technique, this denim saves up to 80 Liters of Water during its manufacturing. A normal washed denim consumes 120-200 liters of water during manufacturing.

Fragrance Shirt
: The Fragrance shirt was a unique innovation as part of Peter England’s Formal Wear Collection. It comes with embedded micro capsules which release refreshing fragrance and help user in staying fresh throughout the day.

Razor Stripes: Peter England introduced transparent yarn in weft filling to achieve maximum sharpness of the stripes.

: Cordeans is developed using Peter England’s patented process. This product is Part Jeans – Part Corduroy - Jeans which are made of denim fabric and yet has corduroy look n feel on its surface

Part of Peter England’s Sub Premium Brand called Peter England Elite, this shirt comes with a magnetic chip in the collar bone which keeps the collar intact throughout the day and helps in retaining the crisp look.

Adjustable Trouser
: The smart Adjustable trouser is designed with a unique, flexible waist-band which can expand to two inches on the inside, giving the user enough flexibility. It's reassuring to know the trouser always gives the perfect fit.

Go Green shirt:
These environmentally-friendly shirts are made of a fusion of traditional cellulose fibre, cotton, and Modal, a modern regenerated cellulose fibre, resulting in shirts that not only drape well, but can also be worn in comfort.

Royale: The shirts that comprise this segment are true two-tone shirts that set the wearer up in distinguished style.

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